Registration Form- only 8 students have got this filled out

First, each student that is attending needs a registration form filled out that includes a medical waiver form.  It is a pretty simple form and won't take long to complete but is needed in order to attend.  Here is the link. 



Most have filled this form out, and should have received a confirmation email from RYM, if you need to verify.


Elective Classes

Each student has the opportunity to select two elective classes.  These are two small group sessions for the students to dive deeper into a topic of their choice.  I will send this to the students also, but wanted to make sure the parents were aware also.  They can choose their two classes by following this link.

Final Balance

The final balance is due to the camp by May 14th.  However, I am asking that our students get their final payments in by May 27th.  


The original trip balance was $875.  I was able to fundraise it down to $700 per person.  Since then we have had some fundraisers (game nights, Babysitting, Parking), and will have a few more during the summer that will knock the cost down about $250 per student.  So as of now most students owe around $350 if they have paid their deposit.    


If you would like an updated amount you owe for your student, please let me know.