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We are flying out of New Orleans on Southwest and our flight leaves at 9:30am on June 13th.  We will meet and then leave the church at 6:00am to head on over.  So please arrive at the church around 5:30 so we can pack all our stuff and go.


You should bring two bags:


Checked Bag:

This is your suitcase or duffle bag that will have all the things you need for camp.  You will not have access to this bag while on the plane. 

Carry On:

This is you backpack that will have some things you need for your flight.  It is important you don't have any liquids or hazardous items (scissors/ knifes, etc)

Cell Phones

Just a reminder, for all our trips we have the students leave their phones at home so they can really capitalize on being away and focused during the trip.  It is one of the highlights of the trips for students as they discover they can survive without their phones.  Cameras are encouraged, but all our chaperones will take plenty of pictures along the way.

Return Flight:

We will return on June 18th at 1:50 pm in New Orleans and then drive back to Pascagoula.  We will notify parents when we get on the road.

Please make sure you Drivers License or ID is up to date for the trip.

HSCO Packing List


❏ Bible & notebook / journal & pen

❏ HIking shoes / boots (and/or closed toed shoes, required for some optional activities)

❏ Swimsuit (modest swimwear required for both male & female - modest length shorts for

males and modest one-piece or modest tankini for females)

❏ Refillable water bottle

❏ Fanny pack (no backpacks allowed in large group or elective classes)

❏ Backpack (for hiking adventures)

❏ Rain jacket

❏ Sweatshirt / fleece

❏ Sunscreen

❏ Sunglasses

❏ Hat

❏ Flashlight

❏ Spending money (book table, snack shop, gift shop, free day or RYM merchandise)

*The host facility, YMCA of the Rockies, provides all linens and towels.

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